SH Tunnel Ovens   

Electric Modular Tunnel Ovens –
for various treatments at medium temperatures

Electric ventilated modular tunnal ovens,
for high volume production treatment of
heat-shrinkable products, polymerisation
of paints, drying and evaporation of
reagents, "post-curing" of
rubber sheets, hardening treatments
and / or stabilization of products and sheets
in polycarbonate resin and for any
treatments normally performed at medium temperatures.

Main features:

  • Accurate construction using top grade materials and components of the highest quality
  • Oven chamber constructed of stainless steel
  • Laminated fibreglass belt
  • Belt speed controller
  • Automatic belt realignment and control
  • High flow ventilation for air circulation and homogenization
  • Armoured stainless steel heating elements
  • Option to insert modules with IR lamps to heat ventilated areas


Download the technical data sheet

SH ovens
SH tunnel ovens
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