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Data Logger and Transfer Device, with display and printing of thermal  cycles on PC

Innovative Thermal Cycle Logging System with data transfer and storage on PC.

Display and printing of thermal cycling runs.


Description of System:

- Oven interface unit equipped with compatible temperature controller

- Continuous logging and storage of the oven's thermal cycles, up to a maximum of 1000 hours

- Data transfer to PC with storage, processing, customisation and printing of the desired thermal cycle

The system includes:

- Heat regulator – programmer type N 1100 (or compatible) unit, supplied with the oven

- Data Logger Unit - IPS 67 model, to be connected to the heat regulator

- Data cable with XRR connection between the heat regulator and Data Logger

- Interface module R66 for receiving data from Data Logger, connected to PC

- Any PC running Windows XP or higher (provided by customer)

- Dedicated software to be installed on PC

Receiving and Transferring Data:

- The Data Logger, which stores up to a maximum of 1000 hours of the oven's operating data, receives signals directly from the heat regulator and stores them
- The transfer of data from the Data Logger to the PC is carried out by moving the Data Logger to the PC and, using the interface module and a simple command on the PC, all the data will be transferred to the PC

The following functions can be performed from the PC:

- Saving and displaying of all the imported data
- Search for a thermal cycle by entering the date and time of starting / stopping of the oven
- Customisation and printing of the thermal cycle selected


The system is supplied with all the kit described, including a CD for software installation



Download the technical data sheet

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