For Innovation

future plans

Sermac is constantly seeking innovative technical solutions and applied technologies. In general, Sermac is able to analyse and solve the problems submitted to us, regardless of the industry sector or application.
In addition to designing and building high-tech ovens in which we are the undisputed national leader, Sermac also has considerable experience in the following areas:

  • Design and construction of special machines and plants.
  • Design and construction of special industrial ovens for any application.
  • Design and construction of robot work areas.
  • Research, purchase and sale of entire production technology packages.
  • Purchase and sale of machinery and special equipment.
  • Import-export of any machinery, equipment, components and spare parts.
  • Market research
  • Technical and sales advice.

Our future plans aim at constantly expanding our boundaries of operation. Because of this, we are always very keen to cooperate on an industrial level with the following professional figures from all over the world:

  • Freelancers
  • Companies
  • Technology businesses
  • Trading companies
  • Company representatives
  • Technical agencies and representatives
  • Inventors

We are already working in a concrete and professional way with some of these specialists, carrying out scientific research and looking into the qualitative development of the Group's technical and commercial level

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