MT Evolution Ovens   

​Ventilated electric ovens for heat processing, with max. temp. of 220°C.


Ventilated electric ovens for medium temperatures, with floor-level access for trolleys, baskets, cages, pallets, containers, etc. Option to insert removable tray-shelves (on request).

Main features:

  • Finned and armoured heating elements with high thermal efficiency
  • Layered air circulation for an even distribution of the heat and air throughout the oven chamber, which accelerates the heating of the product and controls the cooling phase.
  • Treatment chamber constructed from treated carbon steel (stainless steel optional)
  • Basic materials and components of excellent quality, preferably from Italian sources
  • Digital temperature for setting / controlling temperature; multi-zone for large ovens
  • Auxiliary safety circuit for temperature control
  • Air exchange device with manual controls (automatic optional)
  • Collector for connections to vacuum systems (optional)
  • Interface for PC recording and monitoring systems.


Great versatility of use, customisable for treatments of resin products, composite materials, polycarbonates, post-curing of rubber products, treatment of abrasives, curing of dielectric coatings, etc.


Download the technical data sheet

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