EXPLORER 3000 Oven Software  

CONTROL SOFTWARE, Recording and Monitoring Ovens.
Suitable for the specific job of managing SERMAC electric ovens or those of other manufacturers with compatible management features.
The software can simultaneously and quickly manage up to a maximum of 12 ovens
Compatible with WINDOWS XP - WINDOWS 7 - WINDOWS 8
Safe data transmission and reception via serial cable connection.

Some features of the software:

  • Extremely easy to use the system via PC
  • Customisable system and reports with customer's own LOGO
  • Creation of complete thermal cycles (even if containing multiple segments)
  • Entry of data concerning items / operator / oven information
  • Setting of thermal values in °C and required temperature rise and fall ramps, are all individually customisable
  • Automatic adjustment of the oven's cycle according to the characteristics of the oven itself.
  • Maximum operating temperature can be customised for each oven
  • Entry of +/- temperature tolerance according to the selected cycle
  • View the progress of each oven's thermal cycle, with time elapsed and remaining time information
  • Start the oven's thermal cycle from the PC. This can be immediate or set at the required time
  • Easy traceability of the work done in the log archive
  • Immediate printing of the thermal cycle performed
  • Connection to an external device for supervision / data processing
  • Optional: Programmed management of the department's work using a BAR CODE network


Download the technical data sheet

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