DR1 Ovens   

Mini Rotary Electric Industrial Ovens
For precision post-CURING treatments on small
technical products made of rubber, silicone, Viton, etc.

DR oven

Based on our excellent Electric ROTARY DM-Plus Ovens, this new series of ovens, called DR 1, has been designed and constructed to perform post-CURING heat cycles on very small items requiring processing techniques that were not previously possible.
These ovens are essential for dealing with elastomers (rubber, Viton, silicone, polyurethane, etc.).
With simple thermal cycles set on the oven controller, you can produce pieces with the best dimensional homogeneity, the best flatness and perfect straightness.

Some technical notes:

  • Rotating basket in perforated stainless steel, customised to optimise the rotation of the processed items
  • Basket closure of the "adjustable bezel" type to facilitate the loading and unloading of items being treated
  • Oven chamber constructed of polished stainless steel
  • Electrically controlled air exchange valve
  • Electronic system for controlling basket rotation and all the intrinsic safety systems
  • High-quality materials (upon request for cleanrooms)
  • Absolute precision and uniformity of temperature
  • Innovative safety system that automatically intervenes to stop the oven in case the set temperature is accidentally exceeded.


Download the technical data sheet

DR ovens
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