DM Plus Ovens   

Industrial Rotary Electric Ovens for
Post-CURING cycles of products made from rubber, silicone or Viton


ROTATING electric ovens, designed and manufactured
specifically to perform the best
“POST-CURING” cycles of elastomers (rubber, Viton and
The thermal cycles performed by
these ovens ensure the
best homogeneity, flatness and straightness
of the treated items.

Main features:

  • Adjustable-speed rotating basket, made of stainless steel, suitable for the best handling of the pieces being treated
  • Precision and uniformity of the relative temperature
  • Programmable air exchange ventilation with inverter
  • High-quality materials
  • Innovative safety system that automatically intervenes to stop the oven in case the set temperature is accidentally exceeded.


Download the technical data sheet

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