Instrument calibration certification  

An important technical service, performed by SERMAC's dedicated and highly specialised technicians equipped with appropriate instruments that are both approved and certified. Our technicians work directly on the ovens (on-site, if preferred) and perform the periodic inspection of the thermal balancing and control of all the sensors and heat regulation components.

- The procedure involves the simultaneous reading of temperatures in 9 key locations in the oven and 1 further reading in the vicinity of the service thermocouple. The whole thermometric chain is inspected, including the heat regulation instrumentation

- Temperature readings are performed during various heating stages that are carefully determined according to the type of oven tested.

- Calibration of ovens by other manufacturers: SERMAC's technicians are highly skilled and can work either on SERMAC's own ovens, as well as those of OTHER MANUFACTURERS IN THE INDUSTRY

- Temperature readings: from 40°C up to 250° C (max)

- Service quality: Compliant with DIN 12880


Equipment used:

- All of high quality and recent manufacture
- All the equipment is approved and certified as top grade detection instruments, with LAT calibration certificates issued by the Accredia Certification Centre ('Centro Certificato Accredia')

Documentation issued on completion of the service:

- Declaration and approval IDs of the instruments used
- Report on the temperatures measured at 9 + 1 points and on the various heating stages
- Short technical report certifying the quality and functionality of the oven and the instruments connected to it



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