CDTM Ovens   

Industrial Ventilated Electric Ovens with air exchange - suitable for heat treatments up to 260°C.

HIGHLY VERSATILE Industrial Electric Ventilated Ovens, suitable for a variety of heat treatments, even complex ones.
Optional floor-level access for trolleys, baskets, containers, cages, etc.

Main features:

  • Precision and uniformity of temperature
  • Layered ventilation for optimum distribution and homogenization of working temperature.
  • Innovative air exchange system, adjustable to optimise smoke, vapour or substance emissions released during the heating processes, optional programmable device with forced air exchange for particularly smoky processes.
  • High degree of insulation and thermal cutout
  • Robust, leak-proof stainless steel chamber
  • Basic materials and components of the highest quality, from Italian sources where possible
  • Easy to use electronic digital thermoregulator with self-diagnostics.
  • Innovative safety system that automatically intervenes to stop the oven in case the set temperature is accidentally exceeded.
  • Wide range of accessories available on request.



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cdtm ovens
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