Evolution CD Rubber Ovens   

Industrial ovens for POST-CURING cycles
of rubber, silicone, Viton, polyurethane products and more.

CD evolution rubber

Treatable materials:
 Elastomers, silicone (incl. extruded silicone), Viton, polyurethane, etc.

Main features:

  • Floor-level access for trolleys with shelving
  • Precision and homogeneity of temperature with dynamic control system to optimise the thermal balance
  • Innovative stratified-laminar ventilation system to homogenise flows and accelerate the thermal process.
  • New programmable, adjustable-capacity air exchange system
  • Innovative insulation with thermal conduction in the HT BELT COVER that gives the oven the advantage of VERY LOW ENERGY CONSUMPTION
  • Oven chamber made entirely of leak-proof stainless steel
  • Bodywork made to a modern design from treated/painted steel or stainless steel (optional)
  • Direct, automatic thermal safety system.
  • New electronic control system with combination PLC + TOUCH SCREEN (optional)
  • Emission condensate decanting system.
  • Optional interface for PC EXPLORER 3000 monitoring system


Download the technical data sheet

cd evolution rubber ovens
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