CD Advanced 500 Ovens   

Ventilated Industrial Electric Ovens
for complex thermal cycles up to 500°C

CD advanced

VENTILATED ELECTRIC OVENS for complex heat cycles, where
extremely precise temperature control is required in heat cycles with working temperatures from
100°C to over 500°C.

Main features:

  • Precision and uniformity of temperature with a dynamic control system to optimise the thermal balance, even with particularly complex loads
  • Innovative stratified-laminar ventilation system to homogenise flows and accelerate the thermal process.
  • Air exchange system with regulating valve.
  • Electric heaters made from HT steel, designed for maximum thermal performance and optimal air circulation
  • Innovative thermal insulation with double layer ceramic-based materials to ensure the oven has VERY LOW ENERGY CONSUMPTION
  • High capacity oven base, insulated with ceramic materials
  • The oven can be loaded with baskets, containers, crates, trolleys, etc. even of considerable weight
  • Option for the supply of a dedicated loading cart including guide rails (optional)
  • Oven chamber made entirely from thick, leak-proof stainless steel
  • Bodywork with modern design and treated/painted steel
  • Independent, direct, automatic thermal safety system.
  • Programmable, easy to use thermostat, convenient even for complex thermal cycles
  • Designed to interface with a PC monitoring system EXPLORER 3000 type (optional)


Download the technical data sheet

CD Advanced 500
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