AIR JET/E Tunnel Ovens   

Modular Ventilated TUNNEL Ovens for
high-volume exstrusion production of rubber profiles
and other suitable materials


Modular electric tunnel ovens

  • Lengths from 3.1 metres to 20 metres
  • Control unit for controlling conveyor belt speed
  • Synchronized adjustment of belt speed across all modules
  • Laminated fiberglass or thin stainless steel mesh conveyor belt
  • Multizone air flow with adjustable speed/flow
  • Operating temperatures up to 350°C


Main features:

  • Oven chamber constructed of stainless steel
  • Extremely reliable insulation system and thermal insulation
  • Temperature control and management through heat regulators and static systems
  • High-quality materials


Download the technical data sheet

Air Jet/E
air jet e
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