AIR JET – BIO Tunnel Ovens   

Electric Tunnel Ovens – modular ovens
for precision stress-relieving treatment and polishing of biodegradable organic plastics


Electric Ventilated Industrial Modular Tunnel Ovens,
for precision
stress-reliving treatment and for
polishing treatments using an exclusive
layered hot air diffusion

These ovens are widely
used by companies producing moulded
Bio and Bio+Bio plastic products.
Recently, even the "moulding of noble plastic products" sector has discovered the need to perform precision stress-relieving treatments to improve the quality of their products.

Main features:

  • Accurate construction using top grade materials and components of the highest quality
  • Oven chamber constructed of stainless steel
  • Conveyor belt in laminated fibreglass
  • Adjustable belt speed
  • Automatic belt tensioning, control and realignment
  • High capacity layered ventilation system
  • Armoured stainless steel heating elements
  • Modular oven design so production line length and capacity can easily be increased by adding more modules
  • Option to insert cooling modules or UVVF sterilisation lamps


Download the technical data sheet

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